Collection: Handmade Trays

More than 40 years have passed since Franco Sezzatini opened his workshop in Via Maggio in Florence, and even now not a day passes without him having decorated a tray or some other small furnishing accessory.

Its trays, what-not boxes frames and small furnishing accessories are created by the hands of expert craftsmen who have mastered the decorative techniques of Florentine craftsmanship.

Over the years the business has moved, and has also expanded to include the production of the base articles themselves, thus giving the firm the chance to offer its customers over 300 different shapes of tray. The tireless search for new ideas, the attention to detail and the family working environment are the strong points of a small-scale craft firm that has nevertheless succeeded in consolidating a position in markets all over the world.

While maintaining the family and craft character necessary to keep alive the Florentine decorative tradition, through the support of the Franco’s sons Andrea and Rolando, the Sezzatini firm has also evolved into a modern structure capable of competing on the international markets.