Weekend in Italy Gift Certificate: 30 Euros

Weekend in Italy Gift Certificate: 30 Euros


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Want to buy tickets for someone else’s Italy trip, but don’t know when they can attend, and what they would like?
Is a friend of yours planning a trip to Italy and you would like to contribute?

Give your friends or family traveling to Italy one of our Gift Certificates – give them a gift they won't forget!

  • You can choose among 3 different amounts, or combine them for a more important gift.
  • When you order a Gift Certificate, we will send you a personalized Gift Certificate by email which you can either give in person, or send by mail. Please be sure to insert the recipient's details on the shipping details of the order.
  • The Gift Certificate entitles the holder to use it to partially or totally pay for any of the services or products on sale on our website, for any of our destinations: Florence, Rome, Venice, Milan, Siena, Turin, Naples, and Sicily.
  • Gift Certificates do not expire, so the recipient can choose the date and time that best works for them.


In order to redeem their gift certificate, they will only have to:

> visit our website http://www.weekendinitaly.com/ to view our services and choose their preferred one
> contact us by email to [email protected] with the code on the gift certificate and their preferred service
> we will book their selected service for them on the requested date and at the requested time, and for the number of people they wish, according to availability
> the Gift Certificate amount will be applied as payment towards their reservation – if the service amount is not totally covered by the Gift Certificate, holder will be requested to pay the remaining balance in full at the time of booking.


Terms & Conditions
  • Gift Certificates are valid for new bookings only
  • Gift Certificates cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash value and are non-refundable
  • WEEKEND in ITALY is not responsible for lost or stolen Gift Certificates
  • Gift Certificates have no expiration date
  • Gift Certificate code must be presented at the time of booking
  • Gift Certificate cannot be retroactively applied once a booking is completed
  • Once we have confirmed the selected service, it can neither be canceled nor refunded.