Florence 2000 years of history


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"You can't look at Florence with archaeologist eyes. You don't walk, in Florence, on the streets of a dead city. Instead, on Florence streets, inside museums and churches, in the squares, we are forced to realize that past is our present. Because Florence's destiny is and has always been being mirror and figure of the history or our civilization. What was the extraordinary historic conjuncture that made the miracle or art and beauty that Florence means, up to our days, for tourists all over the world? Where did it all begin? In this documentary you will find all the answers." (Antonio Paolucci)

Chapters of the documentary:
Florence from the origins to the 13th Century - The Glorious centuries - Florence capital of Italy - The 20th Century, the war and the flood - The Polo Museale FiorentinoRealized by
Vincenzo Capalbo, Marilena Bertozzi – Art Media Studio

Promoted by Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco in the context of Life Beyond Tourism.
Produced by Vivahotels and Comi Spa
With the contribution of Antonio Paolucci, Bruno Santi, Cristina Acidini

BOOK- 28 pages, black and white, dimensions: mm.120x180x3.
Languages: Italian / English.

DVD - by Antonio Paolucci and Bruno Santi
Direction: Vincenzo Capalbo, Marilena Bertozzi
Realized by: Art Media Studio, Firenze
Languages: Italian / English.