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The perfect Sicilian evening starts with an aperitivo: must-have our salty snacks Picciottelli, but save some space for dessert!

Our pistachio cake is crunchy and delicious (the original recipe belongs to the 3-star Michelin chef Niko Romito!), but don’t forget to give a try to our shortbreads and biscotti.

It includes:

1 Picciottelli box (assorted snacks with olive oil, caciocavallo cheese and herbs, tomato and basil) 360 g
1 Torta croccante al pistacchio (Crunchy pistachio cake) 300 g
1 Mammuccio mandorla (crunchy vegan-friendly biscuits with almonds) 150 g
1 Buonicuore (tangerine shortbreads) 300 g
1 Cotti in Fragranza bag


Cotti in Fragranza is a bakery that makes high quality products inside the Malaspina juvenile detention camp of Palermo, Sicily. It was founded in 2016 by the social co-operative Rigenerazioni Onlus, which still runs it. Rigenerazioni deals with education in the social entrepreneurship area.

Its ambitious purpose is to foster a stable inclusion for the young boys of the Malaspina, in order to train them and let them be skilled and independent workers, even outside the detention centre.