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Learn how to make the most famous pasta in the world, and surprise your guests with Pasta al Pesto!

What is included:

Basil Pesto 85gr
Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Contea, Rufina)
Sun-dried Tomatoes in Sunflower Oil 314gr
Various Types of Short and Long Pasta 500gr


Our Recipe Proposal:

Boil plenty of salted water in a saucepan
Cook the pasta (the cooking time of the pasta is indicated on the envelope)
Drain the pasta and add the ready-made sauce

 Enjoy your meal!


The Bottega a Rosano:

Rosano is a small village in the eastern Florentine countryside, near to Abbey of Santa Maria (sec X). During his long life this Benedectine Monastery has been an important center of spiritual life and small local trades on the road from Florence to Arezzo. We have found an old photo of the beginning of last century that proves the existence of our shop in the same position of today. Our grandfathers remember that the restaurant service started around 1960.

"This is a classic shop for the Florentine citizen’s excursion in the weekend, travelers love this place for his Tuscan heart that we preserve with simplicity. My family works here from 1989. Our personal story is deeply connected with this place. Lorenzo and Romana, Damiano and Lorella, Matteo, Filippo, Francesco, Sandro, Liliana, Cristina, Michele, Luisito, Franco, Riccardo, Benito, Danilo, Mario are only a few of the ones that work or worked in Bottega a Rosano.

Same of them are still here, same have passed away, all of them made his important part for this special place."

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