Collection: Fine Quality Papers

In the heart of the historic center of Ortona, a charming town overlooking the Adriatic coast of Abruzzo, in a splendid 17th century location behind the Aragonese Castle overlooking the sea, the Experimenta socio-occupational laboratory operates, producing handmade paper with ancient medieval techniques.

The people with disabilities inserted are qualified as MASTRI CARTAI (PAPER MASTERS), the aim is to propose an innovative working model that gives people with intellectual and / or relational disabilities the role of active subjects in the community, in order to convert the disability into a resource for themselves and for the territory by implementing true social inclusion.

In the Experimenta Laboratory, activities comparable to a real "artisan paper mill" are carried out, which aims at the creation of high quality handmade paper products such as participations, solidarity favors, lamps and other objects of true design, but above all products that are the result of a creative path as well as a sustainable commercial project.
The peculiarity of the laboratory is that of knowing how to wisely mix themes with a strong social, artistic, cultural and environmental content.

The production of handmade paper uses cotton cellulose scraps, recycled wrapping paper and colored paper scraps as raw material, each single sheet is extracted by hand with the use of special looms, which give the shape and the size of the sheet, the expert hands of the Paper Masters add personality and distinctive traits to their creations, where any imperfections become a guarantee of uniqueness.