Claudia, Elena, Marco and Thomas.

We are 4 friends who have decided to invest energy and passion in a project in Sicily, in the Modica countryside, in the province of Ragusa.

We are a heterogeneous group, with very different experiences and lives, but united by three things: the love for Sicily, the desire to rediscover the traditions of peasant culture and the commitment to researching a different agriculture in a historical period in which the 'there is a great need for radical choices.

We have combined the desire to get involved - in a work context different from the one we come from - to our skills, passions and ideas for the future.

A future that we would like to be sustainable both from an environmental and an economic and social point of view. Thus was born, in 2018, the "Sanapu Sicilia" farm.

Our idea of ​​agriculture is attentive to the natural cycles of plants, respect for the soil and biodiversity.

We do not use fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

We transform the fruit we collect into jams, jams and preserves that follow a process that is as natural and artisanal as possible without adding preservatives, artificial colors and flavors.

We believe in a more direct exchange between the countryside and the city, between the producer and the consumer, so that both are more aware and responsible actors of their choices.

We want those who buy our products to know that there are alternative practices to the logic of exploitation of people and nature.

We like to think that each product, in addition to enclosing all the aromas and flavors of our land, can also release the values ​​and sustainable philosophy of "Sanapu Sicilia".