Collection: Unique Handmade Bags by Letizia Boretti in Florence (IT)

I'm Letizia, born in Florence in a fashion business family…,

My father was the founder of Conte of Florence, a sportswear brand , born in ’52 but had its success in the ’80,maybe the oldest of you remember it, and maybe some of you have had a fleece or a down hat or a ski sweather.

I’ve always played with fabrics and yarn, creating dress for my Barbie dolls.
My grandma taught me to crochet, and in these last years I discovered the therapeutic aspect of it.

More than 10 years ago , the family business went in bankrupt, due to globalization and continuous search for a ever lower price, so I had to find another job , but was not easy for a more than 50 years lady.

So, now I am an office employee but I miss very much the creative aspect I had in the old job, where I was a fashion designer,I’ve worked in Conte of Florence for almost 30 years, with a special role in accessories collection.

Living here in Florence, close to the luxury bag factories district, I use to have to handle nice recovery material, so I started to make something with it: looking at this stuff my creativity starts to work….

First I started to make things to gift to my friends, and they appreciated a lot them, but then I realized that this could have been my job (again).


All of them are single pieces, never the same each other, due the recovery material I use.