Collection: HUNA Jewelry

Huna is a woman, currently terrestrial.

A time traveler who loves to collect memories. Small bits, moments that fixes with the resin. Huna comes from a planet that has imploded, she has lost her home and for this reason she wants to continue to tell. Her memories are transformed into small jewels.
Rare one-of-a-kind pieces, imbued with love and reminiscences, with moments that have become matter.

Huna has collected every single element that, despite being in this life, is capable of to evoke in her the memory of her old home ... ​

At the end of the world, the grandmother held her tightly in her arms and with one hand she stroked her head, then she woke up here. As if only a day had passed.
While, with childish eyes, Huna tasted and knew the land for the first time, those memories slumbered in her, like memories no longer needed.

Until one night a dream woke her up.

Huna returned to her home and finally felt at home again. Upon awakening her face was brilliant and finally she felt she belonged to this land too.
She began to see small similarities among the things of the world, and it was thus that of again began to dream.
She began to create, expanding around her the spontaneous beauty of nature that in all its diversity, forms and materials, encloses the entire universe within itself, setting it in the empty space.

In the course of her existence Huna has collected fragments, remains of time, memories terrestrial, at first it was not clear the reason for those gestures, of the continuous accumulation of small things, later, she understood their meaning.

These small parts became and are gradually becoming authentic and possible signifiers of a new story, yours.
Small worlds are enclosed in crystalline matter, capable of assuming the meaning of a desire, yours.
Unique jewels, manifestations of her collection and her need to tell her sweet little story that could also be yours ...


Flowers, resin, copper, metals, 925 silver, brass, stones, leaves, stamens, pistils, gold leaf, enamels and pigments.