Collection: Unconventional Art Gallery Palermo (Sicily)

It is an art gallery in the historic center of Palermo that organizes temporary exhibitions of local artists with an international appeal. The topics successfully dealt with are those typical of the Mediterranean and of “Sicilianity” in particular.

The exhibition ended in October 2021, hence the limited edition production of these lithographs (only 20 pieces per type), was dedicated to the story, told with watercolors, of the myth of the Moor's heads.

A myth that sinks into the Arab narrative traditions of the Palermo of the 900.

Maria Catena Sardella "Catia" was born in Palermo on 6 October 1963. After her artistic high school diploma in Monreale she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, painting section, appearing as a pupil of Totò Bonanno, Aldo Pecoraino and Salvatore Provino; with Carla Horat for the intaglio and Franco Nocera for the mosaic.
The latter will follow her for painting, in the two-year specialization in Visual Arts and

Performing Arts during which, following the chalcography course followed by Riccardo Mazzarino, she participates in the workshops held by artists such as Cristoph Gerling and Gary Smith for lithography, Narumi Harascina for the engraving.
She offers her works in many personal, collective, competitions and impromptu events for Sicily, expressing an artistic personality and a style recognized by many as deserving of attention. At the same time she collaborates as a designer for the Province's magazine “Palermo” for which she takes care of illustrations, covers and graphics.

Her works appear in private collections in Miami and London.
A woman with a strong personality who cultivates aesthetic perfection even in everyday life, she experiences a metamorphosis during her artistic "trance", capturing that moment of inspiration that she transfers with deep emotion into her creations. The use of strong, warm, decisive colors is nothing more than a genetic transformation of what the earth has encoded in its DNA. They are the same clear and brilliant colors that the "native island" has always kept in the evocative landscapes and in nature, stimulating emotions of beauty and uncontrollable amazement.

These colors combined with an excellent technique and a mature and personal style do the rest. Nudes, loves, life, the beauty of nature are among the artist's privileged subjects, which he transposes in his works; the sensations closest to his personality: freedom, lightness of shapes and beauty that has always been pursued and rediscovered.