Collection: Scimeca - Artisan Pastries from Sicily

Pasticceria Scimeca is a family-run business, young and ambitious, reflecting the values of the best Sicily through the search for the best products of our land combined with typical Sicilian human warmth to make every bite experience a journey through our land.

As a company we aim to operate in full respect of legality.

Since 2005, our products have been distinguished by the ADDIOPIZZO CERTIFICATE. This mark, guaranteed by the association of the same name, distinguishes companies that have rebelled against the extortion racket and thus, by not accepting Mafia conditioning in their work, contribute to strengthening a virtuous circuit that takes money and power away from the Mafia.

Our products are packaged singularly to preserve their quality.

No lack of refinement and modernity inside our cafeteria located in one of the most important streets of Caccamo (PA).