4 sets of Alinari Vintage Postcards 12 each (Children, Cars, Flowers, Animals)- Tot 48 Cards

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Alinari offers for the first time a choice of its most classic photographs, transformed into elegant postcards, regrouped according to theme (Children, Cars, Flowers, Animals), and available in packets of 12 different subjects for each theme.

Photographic enthusiasts, but also occasional purchasers, can therefore choose from a small but great mine of absolutely precious pictures, often genuinely unrepeatable single pieces, coming from the Alinari Archives.

The twelve photos are offered in an elegant holder. This is a unique opportunity to enter into contact with the great tradition of the history of Italian photography, but also to sample and discover aspects of life and perspectives of pictures which, from 1852 up to our day, have by now become part of the national iconographic culture.