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A masterpiece called pasta For a global diet

A masterpiece called pasta For a global diet

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It will not simply be a particular food or a dietary model to put humanity on a different path.

Nevertheless, no one should underestimate the impact of diet on people's quality of life, health, mood, and approach to daily life, because more than a nutriment, food is a culture and a means of sharing and caring. This is where pasta plays a protagonist role. An ancestral food, like bread, it has solid roots in an ancient civilization, almost as if it were born together with humankind. And yet, with the same solidity, it is also projected into the future.

Its value is reaffirmed in its perfect combination of tradition and wholesomeness on the one hand, and modernity and innovation on the other. Healthy because it is naturally simple, pasta is made solely of semolina and water, plus the passion of the pasta maker. And yet it has never ceased to surprise us, because it is able to change with us, responding to our evolving needs and habits and to the availability of ingredients. Pasta is unique because it can be humble, with a flavor loved by all even in the simplest recipes. It can also be refined and regal, joining with the most refined combinations of ingredients in consummate perfection.

It is generous, precisely because it is extremely adaptable, all-embracing, a dish capable of bringing everyone together around the informal cheer of a laid table and good food. This volume tell the story of this eternal product, its place in our culture, and much more. It will also introduce you to pasta makers and their pride in what they do.

You will read of the know-how, passion, entrepreneurship, and intelligence they bring into play every day to ensure that we have the finest pasta possible, communicating its virtues and secrets while pointing to an innovative future so that people around all the world's tables may long continue to experience the charm of this unique product and enjoy its simple and genuine goodness.

Author L. Corradi, C. Acidini, G. Cecere, P. A. Migliaccio, M. Ticca, F. De Palma
Essay by: Zeffiro Ciuffoletti
Pages:     224
Number Photos:     200
Format:     24x29 cm
Binding:      Hardcover

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