A Tuscan picnic with your family

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If it’s a beautiful day, and you think that the grass on the hillside, not far from your home, is dry enough, call your friends, wake up your family, and organize a nice Tuscan picnic. You only have to buy some fresh bread, the rest is all in our proposal.

Az. Agr. Radici, Loro Ciuffenna – Vegetables in oil

Dried tomatoes in oil in a glass jar - 180g

Aubergines in oil in a glass jar - 280g

Onions in oil in a glass jar - 280g

Pepper patè in a glass jar - 85g

Artichokes in oil in a glass jar - 280g

Black cabbage beans in a glass jar - 350g

Az. Agr. Mario Castellucci, Faella – Pasta and biscuits

Cantucci made with ancient almond grain Senatore Cappelli 200g

Az. Agr. I Mori - Wine

1 bottle of Tuscan white Chardonnay, Manzoni graft, 2019 - 0,75 l

1 bottle of Chianti from the Florentine hills, 2018 - 0,75 l

1 bottle of Tuscan Vin Santo 0,75 l


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