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Barolo and Barbaresco 6 Bottles

Barolo and Barbaresco 6 Bottles

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Barolo and Barbaresco from some of the best wine makers in the Langhe!


Box of 6 bottles, containing:
3 bottles of Barolo 2016 Conterno

3 bottles of Barbaresco Rabajà 2016 Castello di Verduno


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Barbaresco Rabaja 2015
This wonderful wine comes from grapes grown in one of the best known and most celebrated areas of Barbaresco. The happy exposure of the vines and the composition of the earth produce a wine at the top of the quality of this prestigious denomination. Rabajà Barbaresco has a full and elegant structure, which is not afraid of aging. In the best vintages and with the best grapes, a limited version of the Riserva is produced with incomparable characteristics.

Castello di Verduno
The vineyards followed with attention and expert hand of Franco. Each vines is cure, from pruning until harvest, with a target to get a good product for reach high quality standard of fruit into physiological respect of the plant. The vinification you can define traditional, a particular way for Barolo and Barbaresco, with a fermentation on opening vat and a long aging on big casks of durmast into the Barbaresco’s winery.
The process of production is followed with passion by young oenologist Mario Andrion that, starting from Franco’s teachings, has produce a new knowledge succeeding to integrate the established langarole techniques with a little but significant innovation. In the last few years on the company entered new forces, Franco’s daughters, Marcella and Giovanna. All the operators work with a view to minimal intervention.

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