Calafuria Negroamaro

Calafuria Negroamaro

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Rosato I.G.T. Salento


Selection from Masseria Maìme in San Pietro Vernotico (BR)

The 2020 vintage in Salento tended to be dry and regular.
A winter with a generally mild climate and average rainfall historical precedence preceded a cool and almost rainless spring.
The summer was regular, sunny and marked by moderate ventilation. The thermal excursions in the pre-harvest period have allowed the berries to preserve the aromatic freshness and to benefit of the influence of sea breezes.

The harvest of the grapes destined for Calafuria took place between 1st and 17th September.

Vinification and aging
The hand-selected grapes were de-stemmed and pressed in such a way fluffy. The must obtained was transferred to stainless steel tanks at the temperature of 12 ° C in order to obtain a natural clarification; here the alcoholic fermentation takes place, conducted at a low temperature, 16 ° C, to preserve and enhance the aromas.
Calafuria has refined a short period in steel in contact with its own yeasts before bottling and subsequent release on the market.

Alcohol content
12% Vol.

Historical data
Masseria Maìme is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Upper Salento, not far from the town of San Pietro Vernotico - Brindisi. The estate develops along the coast, creating a unique landscape of vineyards that are born between woods and pine forests and are lost visibly until they merge with the sea. Most varieties present are: Negroamaro, Primitivo, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.
Calafuria comes from the vineyards that extend for more than a kilometer along the Adriatic coast. He owes his name to one of the over 700 bays in Puglia.

The region has a long tradition in production of rosé wines obtained from Negroamaro, a vine that best expresses its potential in the vicinity of sea. A delicate rosé, pleasantly fruity, savory and full, capable of telling the scents and colors of the production area, Salento.

Tasting notes
Peach blossom pink in color, Calafuria has fruity notes of peach, pink grapefruit, pomegranate, combined with delicate floral sensations of wisteria. On the palate it is soft, stands out for its pleasant freshness, well in balance with aromatic persistence, followed by a delicate sapidity


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