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In August 1990, the Jesuit Father Noel Barber contacted the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin, only few hundred meters away from the religious house, about assessing the works of art in the Jesuit House.

That’s how the Italian senior conservator Sergio Benedetti visited the house and noticed the potential in the dark painting hanging in the dining room, bearing the name of Gerrit van Hontorst, a well-known follower of Caravaggio.

But Benedetti had a feeling, and it took several years of restorations and inquest to demonstrate that that was indeed a lost masterpiece by Mychelangelo Merisi, painted in Rome in 1602 and given to the Jesuit at the beginning of the XX century by and Irish widow who had lost her husband in the Troubles and wated to gift a token of thanksgiving to the fathers who had supported her in the past difficult years. We will discover the amazing journey and discovery of this masterpiece than is indeed one of Caravaggio’s most impressive artworks.

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