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After few years of irregular life and work, Michelangelo Merisi managed to enter the patronage of the Cardinal Francesco Maria Bourbon del Monte Santa Maria (we’ll simply call him Del Monte) who hosted Caravaggio in the Palazzo Madama and introduced him to the Palazzo Giustiniani cultural circle and to many other important patrons.

Working in the workshop of the Cavalier D’Arpino was instead the event that kickstarted his career as a patinter of “public” artworks for the roman churches, not all of these were a success as some were considered inappropriate for his strinking realistic style, and as well the abundant use of well-known

Courtesans, or high end escorts, as models for madonnas and saints made his works sometimes questionable when not scandalous. But, when Caravaggio finally dominate the Roman art scene with several followers and admires, things took a bad turn.

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