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Palermo: Phoenicians, Greeks, Arabs, and Normans

Palermo: Phoenicians, Greeks, Arabs, and Normans

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Palermo is a unique melting pot of Mediterranean cultures across over 28 centuries: founded by the Phoenicians with the name of Ziz, was then taken by the Greeks and the Romans, who called it Panormus.

During the Middle ages between the IX and the XII century, Palermo was the capital of the Emirate of Sicily during the Arab conquest. When the Normans conquered the Island Palermo became the capital of their kingdom which lasted only under a century but became a rich cultural center where Byzantines, Christians, Arabs, and Jews lived, worked, and thrived together.

As a result of this unique mixture, some great buildings are still preserved today: the Palazzo dei Normanni, Europe's oldest parliament still in use, with is glittering Cappella Palatina, a Christian chapel with Islamic decorations and byzantine decorations, its a feast for the eyes and the soul. Churches, palaces, music, and food in Palermo everything tells still today the story of the great Normans who ruled on many cultures as one.

We will explore the Cathedrals of Palermo, Cefalú, and Monreale as well as the Cuba and Cubula the magnificent leisure villa surrounded by exotic gardens and waters.

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