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“Video Lessons” for absolute beginners / basic level

“Video Lessons” for absolute beginners / basic level

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An Italian language course “video lesson” for absolute beginners / basic level. 20 video lessons with 20 topics of in basic Italian. You can do it alone at home.

Created by a teacher with over 30 years experience. A precise complete course that takes you from zero to an A2 level in about 3 hours of video.

Each lesson lasts about 8/10 minutes.


Start your video lesson: every lesson contains only one topic (e.g.present tense) with a short explanation in English. Then you will see the book, and you will hear my voice, and you will duet with me. We read the conjugation of the verbs, and then we will do the same for the exercises. I read the correct sentence, and then it is your turn. And so on.

After every lesson, you will receive some homework from our workbook (which is included in the price). You can check your answers yourself with the solutions key included in the workbook.


For only 49 Euros you can purchase a course A1/A2.

Compared with other courses: You have the possibility to hear the voice of your teacher of Italian. You can hear it again and again, how many times you like.

You will learn without any efforts, just press "start" and let yourself be guided.

Compared with a book: you listen to the correct pronunciation and learn automatically entire sentences.

Compared with a Zoom /Skype lesson live: you can do it whenever and wherever you want and of course it is cheaper! Furthermore, you can contact the teacher. Who else can offer something like this?

After you have completed this course, your Italian will be fluent and spontaneous. Study Italian with the best ! The fastest and most reliable way to learn Italian

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