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Cubardi Primitivo Salento Igt - 6 bottles

Cubardi Primitivo Salento Igt - 6 bottles

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From 65-year-old saplings steeped in ancient stories, this wine is born, a sincere expression of Primitivo. Maturation and refinement: 6 months in French oak tonneaux, at the second passage; then, 8 months of further refinement in the bottle.

Intense notes of ripe fruit, black cherry jelly, blackberries, plums open the doors to pleasant hints of tobacco, spices, lavender in a soft finish of chocolate and coffee. Velvety and enveloping, with tannins capable of gently expanding, leaving a length of pleasant taste.


Company of the Salento Peninsula, in an area located close to the Ionian Sea. The vineyards, already present since the Neolithic, gradually moved from the rural agglomerations to the whole territory which showed an excellent vocation for vine cultivation, thanks to the richness of the soil. Today Nardo 'can be fully considered one of the reference points of Italian wine in the world. Schola Sarmenti collects the heritage of the Neretine land, treasuring the teachings and values ​​expressed so far. And it makes its motto, “Eruditio et Disciplina”, a strong point in a wine market.

The company was founded in 1999 by the Calabrese and Marra families, by reopening the cellar in a wine factory from the 1800s, which had been closed for over fifty years, they took over many of these sapling vineyards. Perhaps the most beautiful, generations of "vines" fill the eyes, from the youngest plants that give us freshness and lightness, to specimens of plants that contain up to 85 years of history. An important choice, that of Schola Sarmenti: to preserve an ancient breeding technique, that of the Apulian sapling. A technique as difficult as it is precious that only needs strong and skilled hands to give wines of great quality and value. Our vineyards are cultivated a few steps from the sea, with old systems, respecting the natural cycles of the Earth, avoiding the use of synthetic products, and in harmony with the surrounding area; a unique embrace between tradition and innovation.

The cellar is a magnificent world full of sensations, aromas and flavors: it fascinates, involves, tells stories that date back to distant times and preserves natural spaces where Apulian wines of international prestige are born and age. More and more perceived as cultural containers, the cellars become intellectual spaces with avant-garde aesthetics and original design, in some cases real architectural masterpieces, designed to make wine the authentic protagonist gently inserted in the Apulian landscape. Schola Sarmenti has carried out a significant restoration of an old winery dating back to the mid-nineteenth century, which remained unused for 50 years, restoring precious star vaults made with tuff blocks and Lecce stone walls.


Producer: Schola Sarmenti
Origin: Italy - Puglia
Wine Type: Primitivo Di Manduria
Alcohol content: 14%
Tasting Notes: Structured red wine
Format: 75 cl


- American BBQ
- Noble cuts of beef
- Spiced ethnic cuisine
- First courses with meat sauces
- Fifth quarter hard
- Beef cuts with long cooking

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