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Dolcetto d'Alba DOC - 6 bottles

Dolcetto d'Alba DOC - 6 bottles

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Dolcetto has a still somewhat uncertain origin. It is attributed to Piedmont and Liguria since the first records date back to the 18th century, placing its production in the areas of Aqui and Alessandria.

As for the name, it is attributed to the high sweetness of the bunches once ripe, translating this natural characteristic with the adjective doss (sweet), or recalling the territory to which it belongs with the local term, dosset, which stands for low hill where, in fact, the vine is usually grown and produced. Altitude of the vineyards, approx. 350 meters. above sea level, year of planting: 1970 ..

Manual harvest, complete malolactic fermentation before winter. Aging in stainless steel, bottling in spring / summer. The aromas of morello cherry, blackberry, sweet spices and floral aromas are immediate and intense. Consistent with the sip


The history of the Colla is deeply intertwined with that of wine in Piedmont. Starting from the documents of the early '700 when in Santo Stefano Belbo they sold "bottles of rosatello" and "brente di vino Negro" and arriving at the most recent days with Beppe Colla who in 1956 took over the Prunotto company of Alba and transformed it into a company synonymous with great quality, famous throughout the world.

Exceptional palate and acute and innovative mind, in addition to experimenting and producing exceptional wines, he does his utmost for the territory in various ways, with a spirit of dedication and gratuitousness. He was the first in Langa in 1961 to separately vinify the grapes from the best locations, reporting the name of the production area on the label, thus introducing the concept of cru.

Following this ten-year experience, the younger brother Tino and Beppe's daughter, Federica, were able to acquire the splendid companies Dardi le Rose in Bussia di Monforte and Tenuta Roncaglia in Barbaresco to which they joined the Cascine Drago di Alba to give birth to the Poderi. Glue. The team was then joined by Tino's son, Pietro, now the winemaker who signs the wines. Since 2017 the Bricco Bompè has been added to Madonna di Como di Alba, opposite the Cascine Drago: here in an underground room, modern and spacious, the winemaking, aging and bottling cellar of all the company's production has been moved.

Colla wines are a mirror of their philosophy: of character, unique and markedly typical, an expression of the grape variety, of the land, of the vintage, of the microclimate, without concessions to the flattery of the market. Complex but balanced wines, elegant and long-lived and which always arouse different emotions.


Producer: Poderi Colla
Origin: Italy - Piedmont
Wine Type: Dolcetto D'alba
Alcohol content: 12.5%
Tasting Notes: Red wine of medium virile structure
Format: 75 cl


- Italian-style mixed boiled meat
- Grilled noble cuts of beef
- Tasty cheeses

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