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Weekend a Firenze srl



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  • Classic Colomba with Orange of 1 kg.
  • Classic nougat bag gr. 200
  • Hazelnut nougat bag gr. 200



Always fresh desserts, made every day in the artisan laboratory visible from the street and inviting savory creations to be enjoyed in our modern and welcoming café.

Our story begins in the 1970s in an old dairy where the founder of the pastry shop, Giambattista Morlacchi, begins to experiment with the production of nougat. Ten years of continuous testing until a delicious nougat is obtained. Our work is based on a very specific idea: to do things right both in daily practice and in constant updates and in the selection of excellent raw materials.

Located next to the cafeteria, our laboratory is the incubator of our sweet and savory creations, a concentrate of hardworking expert hands who produce different delicacies every day that will satisfy even the most demanding palates.

A few years ago the courageous project of a laboratory on view from the street, aimed at the gaze of the most attentive and curious passers-by, has become a reality to guarantee complete transparency.

Thanks to our close-knit team, over time, the quality level of the products has gradually increased and, today, we are able to offer an accurate coffee service, a line of savory dishes for lunch, delicious aperitifs, the award-winning “Nougat of other times”, different variations of the classic panettone, pandoro, classic pastries, almond pastries, different flavors of ice cream and tasty chocolates with various fillings.



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