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Ercole e Diomede

Ercole e Diomede

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Ercole e Diomede

A high quality decorative statue made of reconstructed and finely polished marble representing the struggle between Hercules and Diomedes (King of the Thracians), located in the Hall of the Cinquecento of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.

Height about 8,00” – base 2,36” x 2,75”


All the objects are produced by Tuscan artisans with marble dust and resin “Marmo Composito”, original, varnished imitation bronze or with ancient patina. Some objects are embellished by a base in real Carrara Marble or Alabaster. These reproductions have been executed by master artisans, marble and alabaster carvers. The little differences from the originals and between them do not diminish their value, but are a warranty of an artisan hand-made working exactly like it was in the past.

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