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….the beauty of skin depends even on the choice of an efficient treatment…

Ss. Annunziata’ s idea is to custom or adjust a treatment to any type of skin as well as for any special need.

Such a concept has represented the starting point for the creation of a real “Custom Treatment System” which is simple, fast and efficient.

Such a “Custom Treatment System” foresees 3 key-phases:


Such a phase is extremely necessary as a correct cleansing will prepare your skin to receive efficiently the active principles of the following treatments by easing the optimal development of their healthy functions.

A crucial phase to custom our Treatment System, particularly important to restore, correct or optimize activity of a weakened or changed skin.

Very important and unique phase belonging to our Custom System in order to preserve optimal hydration, to protect efficiently the skin from external and internal damaging agents as well as to stimulate actively and evidently cell metabolism.


Exfoliating Gel with Marigold

It delicately exfoliates epidermal surface; it removes dead cells as well as sebum excess and skin impurities from follicular membranes.

It stimulates the epidermis renewal and perfects the skin grain by restoring a bright and smooth skin. Thanks to the Marigold, it carries out a focused soothing and hydrating action.

It widely increases skin receptivity to further SS. Annunziata Treatments.



People requiring an efficient exfoliating product with refreshing and soothing properties.

People having a rough, thick and opaque skin.

People preparing to sun exposures.

People preparing to the application of revitalizing masks and/or treatments.

SKIN TYPES: All skin types apart from those ones with fragile capillaries or in case of red areas.

3.4 fl.oz.


Hyper-moisturizing cream

The synergic action of Hyaluronic Acid and Isomerate Saccharide efficiently improves the natural skin hydration system at all layers by guaranteeing an immediate and continuous water supply. It provides a new compactness and fullness to skin. It structures and strengthens the skin barrier by limiting notably the water loss from the cornea layer. It actively protects skin from dehydration due not only to external damaging factors, such as pollution, wind, UV rays, but even to internal factors such as hormonal changes, ageing, stress, bad circulation, etc. Finally, it offers skin a more stretched and brighter aspect.


People at any age.

People subjected to dehydration signs and requiring to contrast with them efficiently with a rich and soft cream.

People requiring a long-lasting skin hydration.

People usually subjected to stress or to any other factor which could compromise the skin hydration.

SKIN TYPES: Normal skin, combination skin, very dry skin.

2.5 fl.oz.


Filler Effect Serum

Expressly designed to “perfection” or improve the skin hydration level in order to have a real “Filler” or “Filling effect”.

Thanks to the combined action of its active principles, such a very pleasant serum significantly increases the quantity of the hyaluronic acid in the skin by restoring its compactness. It structures and strengthens the skin barrier with a protective film, rich of water, which considerably slows down the water loss processes as well as it gives skin a long-lasting protection.

Generally speaking, it guarantees an extraordinary immediate and long-lasting water reserve in all the skin layers. Furthermore, it flattens skin roughness and thin lines due to dehydration by restoring rapidly skin smoothness and brightness.

People, at any age, who want to “quench rapidly the thirst” of their skin with a serum acting at deep levels.

People wanting to correct their faded, rough and opaque skin.

People wanting an efficiently hydrating product during or after sun exposures.

People wanting to improve and point out the effect of an hydrating cream.

SKIN TYPES: All skin types.

1 fl.oz.




Farmacia SS. Annunziata since 1561

In 1561 the chemist Domenico di Vincenzo di Domenico Brunetti was the first manager of the Santissima Annunziata Pharmacy about whom we have information. (A.S.F. – Decima Granducale 3784 cc. 110v. – 111r A.S.F. – Arte dei Medici e Speziali, 12, c.123v.).Since that time the Farmacia Santissima Annunziata has always mantained, apart from the usual prestige typical of every pharmacy at that age, a special tradition in preparing galenic prescriptions and products for hygiene and the beauty of the skin. We have graduated, from ancient processes completely handmade, with pestle and mortar, to special quality controlled preparations made with modern and safe machinery, giving special attention to high standards and throughly researching our prescriptions which are made both with traditional and new raw products.Our ancient tradition has been mantained and the standards of our products have become, if possible, better and safer.

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