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From Messina to Ragusa: 10 hidden gems of Sicily

From Messina to Ragusa: 10 hidden gems of Sicily

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 Ten reasons to visit Sicily: we’ll give you the full round tour of this amazing island, from Messina to Mazara del Vallo, and back to Taormina we will do a grand virtual tour of Sicily.

We’ll visit the coast as well as the mountains, abandoned Convents and Fisherman villages, the Ancient Castle of Erice, where the was an ancient temple dedicated to Venus whose priestesses were literally offering themselves to the pilgrims, and then to Marsala to sip some of its fortified wine and its history of the Phoenicians. Greeks, Romans, Phoenicians, Arabs, Normand, Germans, French, Spaniards: Sicily has gems form all of these dominations and a lot more.

We’ll discover many ancient and modern gems of Sicily off the beaten tracks grand tour as a last trat before our summer break.

Private Virtual Guided Tour with The Grand Tour: using the Zoom platform you can connect live, record, share with your family and friends, you can ask live questions and interact with other participants. It is a fun and engaging and fun way to spend your time with your Family, Friends or Colleagues!

Book your preferred time and Date, you will receive instant confirmation, then we will be in touch with you, we will provide the invitation code to use in Zoom to connect with on the Live Tour. Simple.

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