GARDA LAKE AREA WINE COLLECTION - Azienda Agricola Antica Dimora del Turco

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2 Custoza Bottaro DOC 
2 Rosso Granato Bottaro 
2 Chiaretto Bardolino Bottaro DOC

The Antica Dimora del Turco has a very ancient history: the court takes its name from what the inhabitants of the area called Monte Turco since the Middle Ages.

Typical example of a rural court, between 1500 and 1800 it characterized the agricultural economy of the surrounding area. On the external facade of the manor house you can see a sundial and two coats of arms: the winged lion of San Marco and the Christian emblem of the Trigram of San Bernardino.

In the ancient barn there is a small museum that collects a collection of rare well-preserved peasant equipment, testimony of what was produced and collected in this place over the centuries, as well as a singular and precious relic: a flag of the Napoleonic army collected for case in the surrounding countryside.