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Hand painted Deruta Ceramic Christmas Ball - LACE FEATHER BLUE

Hand painted Deruta Ceramic Christmas Ball - LACE FEATHER BLUE

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The peacock feather, a Renaissance symbol of refined decoration, is in this case elaborated in its most famous versions, blue and white on white, joined together represent a combination of elegance and precision.

Completely hand painted, it is produced in a very limited number of copies 

Available in 40 and 80 mm sizes  (1,57" and 3,15") 

The artisan firm F.lli Marcucci has been producing majolica and artistic ceramics for three generations.

The tradition is kept alive thanks to the commitment of the members of the family who pass on the art of making ceramics rigorously carried out by hand using high quality raw materials

The path followed by the Marcuccis, given the impossibility of producing large quantities by themselves, is that of a quality product, well cared for down to the smallest detail, right from the start, in limited editions or in small productions.


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