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Haunted Rome Walking Tour: Ghosts and Demons of Rome

Haunted Rome Walking Tour: Ghosts and Demons of Rome

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A Thrilling virtual tour from Castel Sant Angelo to Ponte Sisto, exploring Piazza Navona and Campo de’ Fiori. Retrace the lives of figures like Beatrice Cenci, born into a ruthless and powerful Roman family, who had a tragic end in Rome.

Learn about Olimpia Maidalchini, a smart and ambitious woman and sister-in-law to Pope Innocent X with whom she had influence over.

She was not especially liked in Rome and was given the nickname ‘Pimpaccia’. Giordano Bruno, who was burned as a heretic by the Roman Inquisition. Discover the lives of Pope Alexander VI, the Borgia, who has always held a controversial status and the King of Savoy Umberto I, who was assassinated by a silk weaving anarchist. The lives of these figures and the places related to them offer unlimited fascinations.

Private Virtual Guided Tour with The Grand Tour: using the Zoom platform you can connect live, record, share with your family and friends, you can ask live questions and interact with other participants.

It is a fun and engaging and fun way to spend your time with your Family, Friends or Colleagues!

Book your preferred time and Date, you will receive instant confirmation, then we will be in touch with you, we will provide the invitation code to use in Zoom to connect with on the Live Tour. Simple.


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