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Knitted crochet ladies gloves

Knitted crochet ladies gloves

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"It was a few years ago, maybe six or seven, that an Italian lady came to our EFG shop in Florence looking for some cotton knitted gloves that an American lady had previously purchased in one fine gloves store in Florence whose location description corresponded to our area ... This “American lady” could not find these special gloves anywhere else and had asked this Italian woman to look for them in Florence to buy more.
So we delivered to the appointed lady a few more pairs of these cotton knitted gloves on light and dark colors... After another couple of years “the mysterious Italian lady” came again in our shop asking to buy more pairs of the same identical gloves; while I was pleased about our unknown American customer preference, I became curious to know more about her.... so the Italian lady told me that those gloves where addressed to a very important lady revealing her to be no less than U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg....!!
I could not believe to those words and got so excited by the idea that the representative of one of the highest American legal appointment and further more one of the world’s main human rights proponent had visited our shop back in the years, even if I did not realize at that time who she was; I felt such a privilege that Ruth remembered and preferred our small shop in Florence and our gloves throughout the years...
Three days ago I got really sad by the news she passed away.... but while I learned she left us , I have seen her image on pictures from every newspaper, magazine and social media showing our knitted cotton gloves .... and I thought it was fascinating how “Notorious RGB” brought EFG around the world."
Elena Forti Grazzini, EFG Store Manager - Florence, Italy


Style: RBG
knitted crochet ladies gloves , 100% cotton . Made in Italy 🇮🇹
Available sizes: SMALL / MEDIUM

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