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Lambrusco “Dosage 30” Grasparossa Doc - 6 bottles

Lambrusco “Dosage 30” Grasparossa Doc - 6 bottles

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30 grams of residual sugar, therefore a Lambrusco with a creamy and soft palate. Area of ​​origin, province of Modena, municipality of Castelfranco dell’Emilia. Soil, basically gravelly and of medium texture.

Grapes: Lambrusco Grasparossa 100%. Sparkling process, the wine is refermented at a controlled temperature in stainless steel autoclaves. Aging, the wine rests on the noble lees in an autoclave for at least 4 months during which it acquires its typical bouquet. With an intense ruby ​​red color tending to purple and a sparkling fine pearling which is expressed in a lively and evanescent foam.

With a fragrant, aromatic scent of prusina grapes. The flavor is harmonious, savory, fruity. Balance between acidity and moderate alcohol content. It goes well with pasta, pizza, fatty fish, medium-aged cheeses.

Also excellent as an aperitif. It is recommended to serve it at a temperature of 12 ° C.


Alberto Salvadori is still moved when he talks about the beautiful Piumazzo farm bequeathed to him by his mother Anna Maria, La Battagliola. It was 1999 and the countryside in the Modena plain was still arable but he remained so for a short time, a premonitory dream was enough to convince him that the destiny of his land was another, more noble and ambitious, that of producing good wine. From there he began his conversion from logistics entrepreneur to farmer and that of his land from extensive cultivation to the cradle of seventy thousand cuttings of Lambrusco Grasparossa.

The transport of goods by air, by water and by rail has taken him around the world, but the thrill of seeing those cuttings grow, the rows take shape and those clusters of grapes of a deep red almost blue sprout, transformed over the years. He has chosen the most suitable vine in that land, Grasparossa. The challenge was an important one, that of proposing a Lambrusco of quality and personality in a market that has, at least in part, been granted to a purely commercial logic. Alberto Salvadori's passion is shared by his sons Beatrice and Tommaso. Beatrice, after having lived in Milan for many years, began to work alongside him and to share her passion for wine with him.

Tommaso leads the Fratelli Salvadori, a fourth generation family business, in Bologna today. Life imposes an ever tighter pace but everyone's commitments dissolve when the appointment is at the Battagliola for the harvest, a tasting, the first bottling or a simple meeting between friends. It is the love for their land that unites them and keeps them so united, the sense of continuity that is perpetuated through the seasons.


Producer: La Battagliola
Origin: Italy - Emilia Romagna
Wine Type: Lambrusco
Philosophy: Organic
Alcohol content: 12.5%
Tasting Notes: Light flavorful red wine
Format: 75 cl


- Italian appetizers
- Complex white meat preparations
- Spiced ethnic cuisine
- Pasta and beans
- Pizza with cold cuts
- Tasty regional first courses

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