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Malvasia Colli Orientali DOC - 6 bottles

Malvasia Colli Orientali DOC - 6 bottles

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Malvasia Istriana is a very ancient grape whose origin dates back to ancient Greece, in the ancient city of Monemvasia in the Peloponnese. From here it spread throughout the Adriatic mainly by the work of the Maritime Republic of Venice.

The spread of Istrian Malvasia in Friuli is due to the Serenissima, some sources from the 1300s report the cultivation of Malvasia in Istria. It is currently grown in the eastern part of Friuli Venezia Giulia (Collio, Friuli Isonzo, Carso) on the Slovenian Karst, and in both Slovenian and Croatian Istria. The aromatic profile recites pineapple and apple, elderberry, mown grass and brackish suggestions. Structured, rich and creamy on the palate, with soft and hard components, primarily perfectly blended flavor.


In the 1950s Ferruccio Gigante was a miller, but his passion was the land and his dream was viticulture. So in 1957 he bought the house and the vineyard in the hills of Rocca Bernarda.

A few animals, small plots of land and a vineyard make up the new family business. The dream begins to take shape and in the 1980s the first bottles of Gigante wines are released. Until then, in fact, the wine was sold to a local tavern as house wine. It is the young grandson of Ferruccio, Adriano Gigante who, moved by the enthusiasm of his twenties, decides to dare with the first bottlings.

The label on the bottles carried the name of the Gigante family, accompanied by the image of the peacock, the undisputed king then as now, of the courtyard.

Since the end of the 90s Adriano has been supported by his wife Giuliana in the management and, after completing his studies, his cousin Ariedo, still the winemaker of the company, brought his skills to the family business.

Their wines are characterized by the desire not to intervene much with strong maceration and aging in wood, to keep the characteristics of the grape precise, giving elegance to the wine. The goal is to highlight the massive presence of rock in the soil, a characteristic that identifies this area and which gives, in particular to white wines, flavor, ease of drinking and freshness.

A passion for wine that was born over time and which gradually gained strength, tightened more and more ties and transformed Ferruccio's dream into a reality, nationally and internationally established, of territorial and quality wines.


Manufacturer: Gigante
Origin: Italy - Friuli VG
Wine Type: Malvasia
Alcohol content: 14.5%
Tasting Notes: Dry and intense white wine
Format: 75 cl


- Tasty fish appetizers
- Tasty shellfish
- Grilled fish with bone
- First courses with fish sauces

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