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Malvasia Collio DOC - 6 bottles

Malvasia Collio DOC - 6 bottles

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Malvasia Istriana is a very ancient vine whose origin dates back to ancient Greece, in the ancient city of Monemvasia in the Peloponnese. From here it spread throughout the Adriatic mainly by the work of the Maritime Republic of Venice.

The spread of Istrian Malvasia in Friuli is due to the Serenissima, some sources from the 1300s report the cultivation of Malvasia in Istria. It is currently grown in the eastern part of Friuli Venezia Giulia (Collio, Friuli Isonzo, Carso) on the Slovenian Karst, and in both Slovenian and Croatian Istria.

Nose dominated by aromas of white pulp fruit, citrus tones, floral. On the palate it is snappy and citrusy, harnessed by a warm and creamy structure, a clear and satisfying finish.


The Vosca farm is located in Brazzano di Còrmons, which is located on the border between the Isonzo plain and the hilly area of ​​the Collio Goriziano.

The Vosca family loves nature and has great respect for the whole environment that surrounds them, with effort and passion they dedicate themselves to the care of the vineyards, for them wine is not a simple product, but a "creature" that is reborn every year and each bottle represents a year of hard work, effort and dedication. Respect for the territory and the non-invasive care of the vineyards have always been the primary objectives, in their vineyards, they do not use herbicides and limit traditional treatments based on copper and sulfur to the maximum.

The company boasts an area of ​​about 10 hectares, almost entirely planted with vineyards, of which approx. 2.5 hectares are located in marl soils in a hilly area, of which 7,000 m2 are devoted to the cultivation of Malvasia. The position of the vineyards, partly located on the hills and partly on the plain, certainly does not facilitate mechanized work, so many interventions must be carried out with methods that recall the work of our fathers, from which useful teachings are still drawn today.


Manufacturer: Vosca
Origin: Italy - Friuli VG
Wine Type: Malvasia
Alcohol content: 13%
Tasting Notes: Fruity dry white wine
Format: 75 cl


- Raw fish and shellfish appetizers
- Tasty fish appetizers
- Light crustaceans
- Fish with fishbone in salt
- Grilled fish with bone
- First courses with fish sauces

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