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Mediterranean Diet - Box 2

Mediterranean Diet - Box 2

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  • Spaghetti Medeaterranean Selection 500g
  • Spanish Tuna Fillets (in Olive Oil) 165g
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (100% Italian) 1lt
  • Dried Tomatoes Cream 180g

    Spaghetti Medeaterranean Selection 500g

    Slow drying Italian durum wheat semolina drawn through bronze.

    Spanish Tuna Fillets (in Olive Oil) 165g

    Our tuna fillets in olive oil belong to the Katsuwonus Pelamis family.
    This tuna is light pink in color, with a delicate but consistent flavor. It is fished with rod in the Cantabrian sea, without damaging the flesh of the fish and without damaging other species.
    Even in the 165g weight, the fillets are not artificially "compacted" as in most of the products on the market. The traditional processing method used in the La Rioja region (Spain) makes the product very balanced in terms of flavor.

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil (100% Italian) 1lt

    Extra virgin olive oil plays a fundamental role in the Mediterranean Diet. It is in fact, the main condiment thanks to its protective functions for the stomach, liver and arteries. It is rich in polyphenols that counteract oxidative stress, the cause of aging and disease. Our EVO oil comes from the art of combining oils from different cultivars and origins, to obtain a superior product, harmonized in aromas and taste, different from the starting ingredients. The skilful blend of Itrane, Cilentane and Coratina pugliese olives guarantees the balance that often escapes even the precious Monocultivars. 100% Italian. Low acidity and rich in polyphenols.

    Dried Tomato Cream 180g

    When it comes to vegetable creams, the flavors of those that were once home-made come to mind. These flavors are hardly found in industrial products.
    For this reason, to protect taste and health, Medeaterranean has selected two Campania realities, able to revive the flavors of the past, thanks to the use of traditional processing techniques. Both the line of preserves and that of vegetable pates are, by choice, processed with a reduced quantity of salt.


    Spaghetti with Tuna, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Dried Tomato Cream Medeaterranean.

    Cook the Spaghetti in plenty of water. Add some salt for cooking.
    Heat a round of oil in a pan with a clove of garlic. Once the garlic is golden, add some chopped parsley.
    Add the tuna. Cover the pan and mix the ingredients well. Then remove the garlic and add the dried tomato cream to the pan and dissolve it with a little pasta cooking water. Strain the pasta a few minutes before cooking and transfer it directly to the pan, mixing everything. Enjoy your meal with the products selected by Medeaterranean.


    The Mediterranean Diet is a balanced, healthy and sustainable diet, based mainly on the consumption of foods of plant origin. Numerous scientific studies have shown that this type of diet helps prevent the main chronic diseases (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity) especially thanks to the daily consumption of extra virgin olive oil and vegetables. We at Medeaterranean have chosen for you healthy products that respect all the charisms of this diet, selecting them carefully to offer you a product healthy and tasty.

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