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Men's Face Cream and Beard balm

Men's Face Cream and Beard balm

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Men's Face Cream

Multi-active treatment specifically designed to stimulate at once all the essential skin functions and to combat degenerative processes linked to aging.

Plant Collagen performs a revitalising action, increasing energy reserves, particularly during periods of fatigue and stress.

Reactivates the connective tissue, stimulating the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, for skin that is visibly more compact, toned and elastic.

Considerably increases cellular renewal and skin metabolism for rapid recovery of a fresh and relaxed appearance.

Hyaluronic Acid and Hydrolyzed Elasin create a thin and imperceptible film on the surface of the skin, sealing the skin and guaranteeing a constant and persistent reserve of water, for rapid recovery of softness and smoothness.


For those wanting to regain vitality and brightness and to reawaken tired and weakened skin, with its energising effect.

For those wanting 24 hour treatment, which adapts to the needs of the skin, both during the day and at night-time.

For those wanting a treatment with global action to effectively combat the signs of aging.

For those wanting to ensure their skin is hydrated with an opaque finish, attenuating the imperfections of coarse skin.

SKIN TYPE: Normal-mixed, mixed, mixed-oily skin.



Beard and moustache balm

Innovative conditioner specifically formulated for beard and moustache treatment and care, for a strong, healthy and glossy look.

Restores and effectively preserves the natural moisture balance of the hair with several targeted actions

- penetrates deeply into the heart of the fibre with an intense reconstructing and restructuring action on the architecture of the hair and an immediate filling and volumizing effect

- firmly coats the hair shaft, reintegrating its natural film with an evident improvement in softness and elasticity.

Improves the mechanical properties of the hair follicle structure, restoring the strength and vigour of the keratin sheath and shielding the hair against daily stress (atmospheric agents, smoking, unbalanced diets, etc.) and reducing breakage and splitting of the hair shaft.

Seals and reinforces the cuticle layer, limiting physiological loss of the essential components of the hair and smoothing the hair surface for instant shine.

RECOMMENDED FOR:Those seeking a lightweight, fast-absorbing beard and moustache conditioner for daily moisturising and protection.

Those seeking a residue-free leave-in conditioner that facilitates detangling and combing of the hair, preventing the formation of knots and breaking of the strand of hair.

Those seeking a daily, multi-functional treatment that promotes the growth of strong, healthy hair, nourishing both the skin and hair fibre.

Those wishing to create and maintain a well-defined, personalised look with an impeccably neat beard and moustache.

TYPES OF BEARD AND/OR MOUSTACHES: All types of beard and/or moustache with medium, long and thick facial hair (also suitable for at least 4 days stubble beard).

FUNCTIONALE COMPONENTS: Vegetal Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Isomerate

1 fl.oz.



 Farmacia SS. Annunziata since 1561

In 1561 the chemist Domenico di Vincenzo di Domenico Brunetti was the first manager of the Santissima Annunziata Pharmacy about whom we have information. (A.S.F. – Decima Granducale 3784 cc. 110v. – 111r A.S.F. – Arte dei Medici e Speziali, 12, c.123v.).Since that time the Farmacia Santissima Annunziata has always mantained, apart from the usual prestige typical of every pharmacy at that age, a special tradition in preparing galenic prescriptions and products for hygiene and the beauty of the skin. We have graduated, from ancient processes completely handmade, with pestle and mortar, to special quality controlled preparations made with modern and safe machinery, giving special attention to high standards and throughly researching our prescriptions which are made both with traditional and new raw products.Our ancient tradition has been mantained and the standards of our products have become, if possible, better and safer.

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