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Muller Thurgau

Muller Thurgau

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The vine is named after the Swiss researcher Hermann Müller of Thurgau who first crossed the varieties of Riesling and Silvaner Verde. It is cultivated in the vineyards on the slopes of Monte Baldo, on slopes exposed to the southeast, at an altitude above the 400 meters.

The grapes are harvested after half the september, stop in the press for the time it takes to extract the scents aromatics present in the skin of the berries. The clean must then carries out the fermentation temperature controlled in steel containers.

The wine is presented with a straw color clear, a pleasant scent reminiscent of the
wild sage, and a dry taste with a pleasant sour note.

The recommended combinations are appetizers, grilled fish and it's great
as an aperitif. 

Wine should be served at the temperature 12 degrees and uncorked at the moment.

Alcohol grade 12.50% vol.


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