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Oltrepò Pavese Metodo Classico Pinot Nero Brut DOCG - 6 bottles

Oltrepò Pavese Metodo Classico Pinot Nero Brut DOCG - 6 bottles

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Pinot Noir from the most suitable areas, located in the municipalities of Montecalvo Verseggia, S. Maria Della Versa, Rocca De Giorgi, at an altitude ranging from 250 meters above sea level. at 400 meters in clayey limestone soils.

The harvest is done in boxes in late August and early September. A soft pressing is carried out where only the flower must is extracted. Fermentation at a controlled temperature (18 ° C) is started with the help of selected yeasts and takes place in stainless steel tanks.

Bottling (tirage) is done in the following spring and bottle aging takes place for a period of 24 months. From disgorgement the bottles remain in the cellar for at least another 6 months.

Intense straw yellow color, with golden reflections, with fine, abundant perlage and excellent persistence. Large, caressing and long bouquet, reminiscent of sage, mint, apricot and vanilla. Dry, harmonious, rich and velvety, vivid backbone in fine and long fabric.


The origins of Cantine Giorgi date back to 1875. The first generation of the Giorgi family produced wine for the families of neighboring countries, according to the customs of the time, but even then went so far as to sell their wine outside their own borders. .

The Giorgi family have always strongly focused on the entire production chain: from grapes to bottles, from the very beginning laying the foundations for their great project of creating a wine company of primary importance. This project became a reality already in 1970, when the brothers Gianfranco and Antonio built a second cellar, modern and technologically very advanced, in Canneto Pavese. One winemaker and the other marketing man, they managed to build an image of the company and the quality of the wines produced that has remained indelible over time.

In the 1980s the winery finally reached national consecration and today we can say that Cantina Giorgi represents Oltrepò Pavese in Italy and in the world. All this was possible above all thanks to a foundation that is always present in its history: the family at the heart of the business. Antonio, the father, with his long experience coordinates and supervises all business operations assisted by his children: Fabiano directs the company dealing with sales and marketing and coordinating the winemakers from production to bottling.


Producer: Cantine Giorgi
Origin: Italy - Lombardy
Wine Type: Classic Method
Alcohol content: 12.5%
Dosage: Brut
Tasting Notes: Brut Classic Method of medium structure
Format: 75 cl


- Raw fish and shellfish appetizers
- Aperitif
- Vegetable-based light first courses

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