Open, Eat, Love: my pantry of wellness and flavours of Sicily

Open, Eat, Love: my pantry of wellness and flavours of Sicily

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Open, eat, love. Four bottles of extraordinary extra virgin olive oil from typical Sicilian cultivars.
Medium fruity, it releases the scents of tomato and cut grass, perfect for all dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.
Together, a selection of typical Sicilian products: oregano, mint and Etna chilli pepper, a tasty Pizzuta d'Avola almond snack, one of the most appreciated and valuable varieties, two herbal teas with Etna herbs, and two rare and precious Sicilian black bee honeys.
    • 4xOlio 750 ml, Tisana energizzante dell’Etna, Tisana digestiva dell’Etna, Miele Ape Nera Sicula Castagno, Miele ape nera sicula millefiori, Pepper, Oregano, Mint, Almond snack
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    Great Food? It is a question of value. With Boniviri you choose to protect the environment and support a more equitable society by eating well.

    We are a company with a social mission: offering healthy and high quality food, while creating social and environmental value.

    Boniviri's model involves the purchase of products high quality, healthy and sustainable by excellent farmers (the 'Boniviri ', people of value), engaging and involving them in a path towards common sustainability goals and supporting the prosperity of their farms. In doing so, Boniviri rethinks the supply chain and product packaging from an eco-friendly and responsible point of view and compensate the carbon footprint of products through reforestation projects.

    Our products represent the excellence of Sicilian food and wine and bring to your table the flavors and fragrances of Sicily.

    When you choose Boniviri, you are making a choice of value for you, for society and for the environment.