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Oval Tray for Appetizers - Melograne decoration

Oval Tray for Appetizers - Melograne decoration

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Oval tray for appetizers in the 3Melograne decoration is a cheerful complement to your Florentine style table.

The decoration with the 3Melograne is a creation of Lorenza Adami inspired by the Florentine tradition, the design is composed of three central pomegranates in yellow and orange with bright red grains, joined together by light branches of green leaves and enclosed in a floral border in blue.

Sbigoli Terrecotte is an old artisan shop, founded in 1857 by the Sbigoli family and specializing in the production of table and furnishing ceramics.

A stone's throw from the Duomo, in the artistic heart of Florence, Sbigoli Terrecotte guarantees a production entirely made by hand, from clay worked on the lathe, to white enamelling, to decoration with traditional designs, often of late medieval or Renaissance inspiration. Each artifact is baked in the oven at 940 °.

Due to the totally handcrafted processing, the decoration, color and size may undergo slight variations. Any small imperfections do not damage the quality of the object and are to be considered a guarantee of uniqueness.

Dimensions: 41x12 cm.
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