Pasta and condiment for an unusual Italian dinner

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Pasta with tomato sauce is a classic Italian dish, but preparing it with the right ingredients, carefully processed, produces a result that will surprise you and your friends.

1 egg pasta: Spinosini Omega 3

Campofilone (FM), in the hinterland of the Marche, between the gentle hills and the long valleys that descend to the sea from the Apennine slopes rich in sudden woods or shaved by the wind to finally overlook the Adriatic, is known to the world as "The capital of roncini machines".

Freshly pulled egg pasta, unusually capable of growing in a very short cooking time. In Cam pofilone Nello Spinosi opened the first artisan pasta workshop in 1960 and the story of the sale of a food up to that moment of exclusive home production begins. His son Vincenzo, innate chef and oratory talent, has made known to the whole world the craftsmanship of his specialty production: in restaurants in New York, Hong Kong, London, Paris, Rome, Beijing, in a spectacular way, he has made people appreciate his "Spino sini".

In the expansion of the business, it has always been able to maintain an artisanal production and 12 fresh eggs per kg of flour. Spinosi pasta is produced with whole eggs from hens raised outdoors, with organic food and carefully selected and controlled durum wheat. The Spinosini were born in 2000 from a collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture of Ancona, a project that provides for the enrichment of eggs with Omega 3 and vitamin E in a natural way, feeding the hens with an integrated diet of cereals and sunflower oil. Spinosini, as thin as strings of guitarrina, do not overcook and are suitable for any type of sauce.

1 egg pasta: Spinobelli Omega 3

Fresh pasta fresh very fine tirata, unusually capable to grow in cooking very short. I
Spinosi pasta is produced with whole eggs from reared hens outdoors, with organic food and carefully durum wheat selected and checked.

The Spinobellis, presented for the first time once in 2009 at the Armani Ginza Tower in Tokyo, provide for use of eggs enriched with Omega 3 and vitamin E in a natural way, feeding the hens an integrated diet of grains and sunflower oil.

Pasta with a slightly more pronounced thickness than Spinosini, however fast cooking (6 minutes)

1 egg pasta: Maccheroncini di Campofilone PGI

The sheet of egg macaroni is very thin, thinly sliced ​​and very quick to cook: just one minute and the maccheroncini are ready to be seasoned with the traditional sauce
di Campofilone, made with veal and pork pulp, with giblets of chicken and with peeled and crushed red tomato.

1 Organic Basil Sauce

Spinosi has also created a line of condiments ready for those who have little time but at the table he does not want to give up genuine flavors of the Italian tradition.

The BIO Basil Sauce is prepared with the best certified organic tomatoes processed within 48 hours from harvesting with only a fresh basil leaf, without the addition of salt. Just heat it up and add it to the pasta with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil to savor the taste of summer and ripe tomatoes in the sun.

1 Organic Ortolana Sauce

The BIO Ortolana Tomato Sauce it is prepared with ripe Italian vegetables and tomatoes, freshly processed to preserve their freshness and nutritional properties. It's a quick but tasty and satisfying dressing!

Enough add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil to the pasta to savor the flavor of the vegetables and ripe tomatoes in the sun.

1 Organic Arrabbiata sauce

The BIO Arrabbiata sauce, based of fresh chilli and the best certified organic tomatoes
processed within 48 hours of harvesting, it is perfect for seasoning one
quick pasta with just the addition of a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Tasty and savory, it cannot be missing in the pantry of a Real Italian