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Pasta e lenticchie is a typical italian dish, we propose you to cook it with these sicilian organic products of great quality:

Green lentils Valdibella gr. 500

Biancolilla Extra virgin Olive Oil 0.75 lt Organic

With fruity notes, it taste at the beginning sweet, then a litlle bit spicy and persistent.
This extra virgin olive oil won many qualitative prizes, it is cultivated and produced according to the indications of Sicilian Indications of Geographical Provenience , certified by the Sicilian Country Institute of Wines and Olive Oils.

Timilia’s Pasta

Slow-drying durum wheat semolina pasta, bronze drawn
Valdibella pasta was born in Sicily, from the ancient Timilìa wheat (or Tumminìa). For centuries it has been considered the “grain of the peasants”, because being a late grain, it was sown after having finished working the fields “of the masters” and was therefore destined for the family pantry.

On the pitch it is a real strength: it goes well through periods of drought and it resists very well to weeds. Being an ancient wheat, it is not genetically modified and no fertilizers or herbicides are needed to grow it. It has a very weak gluten index. It is naturally rich in polyphenols and, thanks also to the favorable climate, it does not contain mycotoxins.

For the production of pasta, water from a source that does not have industrial agriculture upstream is used. It is dried at low temperatures and in long times, to maintain all the nutrients and organoleptic contents.
In 2004, with a mourning sticker stating "An entire people who pays for protection money is a people without dignity", the lace taboo was broken by a group of young people from Palermo, and within a few months a movement was born in Palermo from below who wants to oppose the Mafia racket.

In 2006 Addiopizzo published the first guide to critical anti-racket consumption, carrying out an ethical campaign in support of entrepreneurs who do not bow to protection money or to any form of mafia oppression, producing a cultural revolution that starts from civil responsibility to conquer the self-determination of a people through solidarity and the protection of their rights.


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