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Weekend a Firenze srl

Pendant earrings with Seahorses and Mediterranean Coral 

Pendant earrings with Seahorses and Mediterranean Coral 

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These earrings are a perfect example of artistic craftsmanship, inspired by the wonderful forms of nature and the sea.

The ceramic seahorses are modeled from clay. The whole model is sectioned into two halves, emptied by digging out the excess clay and then closed. 

This delicate operation gives the earring lightness and perfect wearability.

The clay, white earthenware, is baked in a ceramic oven at 1000 ° C. The second firing with colors and glazes takes place at 920 ° centigrade. 

The fringed coral is true Mediterranean coral, collected according to specific directives that safeguard the ecosystem. 

The base of the earrings is in gold-plated brass. 

The plating is 1 micron of 18 K gold, hypoallergenic as it excludes the use of nickel in processing steps  

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