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Fifty 19th-century photographs taken from the Alinari archives make each volume in the Poster Book series precious and unique. These are dedicated to Italian cities and places that in the past century were the privileged destinations of art tourism in our peninsula.

Milan, Turin, Venice, Florence just to mention a few titles, are documented in the pictures of the Alinari, Brogi, and Anderson studios, thus permitting us to relive the urban atmospheres, the landscapes, the monumental architecture of 'uncontaminated' cities, with wide and photographically inanimate spaces.

The photographs illustrating the series are printed directly from the original negatives on glass plate in the 21x27 format, so as to preserve the high quality and sharpness of the ancient pictures in the reproductions.

Author C. Brandi
Pages: 56
Number Photos: 51
Format: 30x40 cm
Binding: Softcover
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