Red and White Wines From the Chianti Hills in Florence Surroundings

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Box of 12 bottles, containing: 

3 bottles Chianti Colli Fiorentini 2018  -  I Mori Farm

3 bottles Chianti Riserva 2016  -  I Mori Farm

3 bottles Chianti 2018  -  I Mori Farm

3 bottles Toscano bianco Manzoni Selection 2019

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About the Wines


Chianti Colli Fiorentini

VINEYARD: Surrounding the Spicchiello farmhouse.

GRAPES: Sangiovese 85%, Canaiolo 15%.

AGING:1 year.

COLOR: Ruby red.

BOUQUET: Intensely vinous.

TASTE: Balanced, dry, soft.


FOODS:A good accompaniment to roasts, grilled meats, game and dishes typical of Tuscan cuisine.

Chianti Riserva

TERRITORY: On the hills surrounding Florence.

GRAPES: Sangiovese 80%, Canaiolo Nero 10%, Merlot 10%.

COLOR: Ruby red.

BOUQUET: Intensely vinous, a scent of fruit.

TASTE: Sapid, slightly tannic.


FOODS: Tuscan cuisine, grilled meats, cheeses.


TERRITORY: On the hills surrounding Florence.

GRAPES: Sangiovese 80%, Canaiolo 10%, Merlot 10%.

COLOR: Ruby red.

BOUQUET: A scent of fruit.

TASTE: Dry, slightly  tannic.


FOODS: Wine for the entire meal, dishes of Tuscan cuisine.

Toscano bianco Manzoni
A balanced blend of Manzoni White and Chardonnay grapes gives this white wine its dry flavor, while its delicate aroma results from vinification at controlled temperature.

About the Winery

The company I MORI was founded in the early 70's, when the family Giannelli decided to redevelop its small farm, which has gradually grown since then. The company is situated on the hills surrounding Florence, in the Chianti area, and the main crops are, naturally, the vines and olive-trees. Today the firm includes various farms and has extended its territory to 160 hectares of which 50 are vineyards and 15 are olive-groves. In 1997 the family Giannelli bought a new company in Montalcino, the Podere CANNETA, which produces Brunello di Montalcino, Rosso di Montalcino and Sant'Antimo wines. Canneta is 1000 meters far away from the old fortress of Montalcino: it is composed by 10 hectares of vineyards and 2 hectares of olive-groves and surrounded by 30 hectares of thick wood.

In the year 2003 Canneta expanded its agricultural industry also in Maremma: a region naturally destined to the vine-growing. 37 hectares of land were bought in Cinigiano: 3,5 hectares of which planted with vines for the production of the D.O.C. Montecucco and Maremma. This is the birth of the “La Pietrosola” wines.

In the year 2015 all wineries converged in the Società Agricola Canneta S.r.l. allowing us to offer a big range of Tuscan Wines. The family Giannelli still takes care of the production respecting the environment and the tradition and certainly ensuring the Authenticity and "Tuscanity" of its products.


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