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SICILIAN DINNER - Pasta with sicilian sauce

SICILIAN DINNER - Pasta with sicilian sauce

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Paccheretti gr. 500 – Artisan durum wheat semolina pasta

Superior Sicilian quality

Sicilian sauce with sardines… at sea gr. 280

Wild fennel and almonds sauce100% vegetable

A sauce that boasts an ancient tradition and which originates from the need to adapt the taste to the scarcity of means. Because in some places in Sicily, far from the sea or poor enough to not be able to afford seasonal catch, the “pasta with sardines” was not given up, a typical and rich dish to be prepared on holidays. And then, of necessity virtue, all the ingredients are used except for the sardines, which remained cheerfully at sea, in fact. Despite the lack (but also thanks to), the sauce maintains a rich range of flavors thanks to wild fennel, toasted almonds, tomato and raisins.
Use in the kitchen
Ready to use, ideal for seasoning pasta, but also excellent on croutons.

Catarratto franc

Spontaneous fermentation on the skins, in temperature-controlled steel tanks
Aged in steel for circa 9 months
No added sulphites
IGT Terre Siciliane denomination


Falco Peregrino:

An organic white wine for wintertime. Strong character, it has a citrus bouquet and a persistant and pleasantly tannic flavor, and with the slightly bitter aftertaste that characterizes this varietal. Serve at 14°-16° C


In 2004, with a mourning sticker stating "An entire people who pays for protection money is a people without dignity", the lace taboo was broken by a group of young people from Palermo, and within a few months a movement was born in Palermo from below who wants to oppose the Mafia racket.

In 2006 Addiopizzo published the first guide to critical anti-racket consumption, carrying out an ethical campaign in support of entrepreneurs who do not bow to protection money or to any form of mafia oppression, producing a cultural revolution that starts from civil responsibility to conquer the self-determination of a people through solidarity and the protection of their rights.

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