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Weekend a Firenze srl



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Box containing a selection of personalized and refined boxes:

 No. 1 Sicilian Biscuits with Almonds: Very soft pastries made with almonds
very fine covered with fine whole almonds.

 No. 1 Mixed Crunchies: The package contains a selection of 4 types of croccanti: Pistachio, Almond, Hazelnut and Sesame.

 No. 1 Pistachio Crunchies: The package decorated in majolica style contains. pistachio crisp bars made with shelled pistachios and glazed finely.

 No. 1 Mixed Almond Pastries: Inside the package decorated in the theme of Sicily there are different types of fine almond pastries: pastries of classic, fruit and tangerine almond pastries.

 No. 1 Martorana fruit: wooden box containing a mix of fruits entirely made and painted by hand thanks to the processing of almond.

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