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RESPIRO (Breath): The Nero d’Avola that we use for the Breath comes from a single vineyard facing south. Its added value consists in the absence of added sulphites which together with natural fermentation make the most of the varietal characteristics and of a territory maintained as far as possible in its integrity. That’s why it was called this: nothing more vital than breathing.

Area of origin
Sicily, Camporeale (Pa)

Included wine varieties
100% Nero d’Avola, cru

Wine making
The grapes come from a single vineyard, in the Fargione district. This plot was chosen because it gives the grapes the ideal characteristics for the production of a wine without sulphites. The grapes are harvested by hand and transported to the cellar in small baskets. Subsequently de-stemmed, the naturally fermented must prepared in the previous days with the grapes from the same vineyard is added. Fermentation proceeds for about 10 days at a temperature of 24° C. At the end the pomace is separated and pressed. After the malolactic fermentation, which also occurs spontaneously, the wine is refined for the winter and the following spring in steel, before bottling.

Wine ageing
6 months in stainless steel

Organoleptic characteristics
Color: ruby red.

Bouquet: very intense aroma, notes of cherry and berries. In the finish a light balsamic note. Taste: a warm and fairly soft wine, acidity and tannin very present, but fine and overall very pleasant.

Serving Temperature

ACAMANTE: 100% Perricone grape variety, it is well adapted to Camporeale’s environment where it reaches optimum level of ripening. The grapes are handpicked and transported to the winery in small baskets. Afterwards they are destemmed and the grapes pomace (prepared in the proceeding days with grapes from the same vine) is added activating the natural fermentation process. The fermentation proceeds for approximately 12 days at 27*C. The grape pomace is then separated and pressed. After spontaneous malolactic fermentation, the wine then refines in large stainless steel vessels then in oak barrels for one year.

Wine ageing
6 months in stainless steel and 12 months in oak barrels

Organoleptic characteristics
Colour: Intense red violet.

Bouquet: flavour characteristics of spiced mulberry.

Taste: Great body with polished elegant tannins

Serving Temperature
18-20 °C

Curiosity: In mythology the story goes that the Achaean warrior, son of king Theseus, Acamas during the siege of Troy was able to save his lover and child from the burning city. This demonstrated that irrespective of the war space for love is made for love and its creations. We have named our Perricone wine after Alcamas to acknowledge that this particular variety of wine is one of the oldest grown locally, but moreover that it is a courageous wine with a strong personality.

Area of origin
Sicily, Camporeale (Palermo)


ROSATO: organically produced by nero d’avola grapes, at the altitude of 800 f. with a natural fermentation in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, a rosé wine with a well-defined character , terse and freshly fruited, with a an appealing color of pomegranates.

Nero d’Avola

In steel for 6 months

Serve at 15°-17°

Area of origin
Sicily, Partinico (Palermo)


Bosco Falconeria and Valdibella are sicilian producers who belongs to the critical consumption campaign of the antimafia association Addiopizzo.

BOSCO FALCONERIA: Eighty years, four generations of a family dedicated to sustainable agriculture that safeguards the quality of food, of landscape, of life. The farm at Bosco Falconeria, located some 40 miles west of Palermo in the hills overlooking the Gulf of Castellammare has belonged to the Simeti family since 1933, when it was a 25-acre farm dedicated mainly to vineyards, with a cellar in which there were seven platforms for treading the grapes, and where as many as 30 people worked during the grape harvest. 

Family problems, the agricultural crisis and the 1968 earthquake resulted in a period of abandonment, until in the early ‘seventies the farmhouse was restored as a vacation home. From then on summers and weekends became busier and busier. The passionate involvement of Antonio Simeti, agronomist, married the curiosity of his wife, Mary Taylor Simeti, who in the early ‘80’s - while exporting Sicily to the States through books and articles - began to bring back information about organic agriculture. 
Thus, the vacation house returned to productivity, the property grew from the original 25 acres to over 35, the crops became diversified. In 1989, with Bosco Falconeria as its trademark, the farm obtained official organic certification. The following year the Simetis made the farm their permanent residence. For the last ten years Bosco Falconeria has bottled its own organic extra virgin olive oil, has furnished fresh organic fruit and vegetables to specialty stores in Palermo, and has often bottled its own organic wine. 

The family has grown as well: Natalia Simeti and her Finnish husband Rami Salo, a Tai Chi Chuan instructor, have decided to make Bosco their home and to take over the management of the farm. Safeguarding biodiversity and improving the soil by green or organic fertilizing, thus allowing the plants - for the most part local varietals - to better endure climate adversity, are the principal reasons behind the decision to choose a form of agriculture which is sustainable for the environment and for the people in it.


We have joined Addiopizzo because we believe and support the value of respect, everywhere and for everyone, especially in a land like Sicily.”

VALDIBELLA is a cooperative of farmers with an ambitious project: to cultivate the land and human relations in respect of natural and social balances. The cooperative was founded 19 years ago in the territory of Camporeale, an area with a strong agricultural and rural vocation, alongside the Salesian community Itaca that promotes social projects: bringing young people with difficulties into work. From the beginning the cooperative have disrupted the cultural and cultivable stratifications that in the last centuries have dominated the territory and are aiming to returning the dignity of being a farmer and freeing themselves from the exploitation and implementing organic farming methods that focus on biodiversity and indigenous crops.

Valdibella strongly believes in all-round enhancement of the territory: our land is alive, and it is not something you can own and exploit. To increase the lands fertility it will need listening, observation, knowledge, respect and experience. That is why a few years ago the cooperative adopted the “Biodiversity Charter” which is a disciplinary that outlines not only biological methods but are capable of restoring the balance distorted by contemporary age.

Therefore, focusing on biodiversity, integrating the different plants into ecosystems that are as stable and rich as possible is a goal that the cooperative works on every day. It is a big job that is carried on with the idea that the workplace should not only be healthy working environment but should also be restoring the lands beauty.


 We have joined Addiopizzo to awaken consciences and to determine a cultural change made of freedom and legality – together it is possible! “


In 2004, with a mourning sticker stating "An entire people who pays for protection money is a people without dignity", the lace taboo was broken by a group of young people from Palermo, and within a few months a movement was born in Palermo from below who wants to oppose the Mafia racket.

In 2006 Addiopizzo published the first guide to critical anti-racket consumption, carrying out an ethical campaign in support of entrepreneurs who do not bow to protection money or to any form of mafia oppression, producing a cultural revolution that starts from civil responsibility to conquer the self-determination of a people through solidarity and the protection of their rights.

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