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Strolling through Florence (Discovering the city’s hidden secrets)

Strolling through Florence (Discovering the city’s hidden secrets)

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A “slow stroll” through the heart of Florence’s historic centre, on the discovery of curious facts, legends, anecdotes, and popular beliefs that have surrounded this city since medieval and renaissance times

Those who love to travel and discover the true soul of a city, they know that nothing is better than looking for unusual stories, legends and tales, better if told by city dwellers. This book by Franco Ciarleglio gathers 56 stories on Florence in Middle Age and Renaissance, as a result from a great study on ancient texts found in the historical archives of the city. A book easy to read which can also be used as a tour guide. There are maps of the city center, showing the entire route of the “stroll”, and of the ancient walls since Roman times until today.

Author: Ciarleglio Franco
Editor: Tipografia Bertelli
Published 01/03/2003
Pages 160    
height 170
width 120
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