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Sun Products: Sunscreen and Aftersun Moisturizing Milk

Sun Products: Sunscreen and Aftersun Moisturizing Milk

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Sunscreen Cream maximum protection SPF 50

If used correctly according to the enclosed instructions, this sunscreen will ensure perfect protection from the sun's damaging ultra-violet rays A & B and will prevent burning and sun rash, even in the most delicate, pale and sensitive skins, including that of children. Besides granting a lasting tan, the skin will be nourished, moisturized and remain elastic.

The presence of Elastin also helps to restore elasticity and softness to the skin subject to the dangerous, dehydrating action of the sun's rays.

Apply as indicated in the enclosed instructions, ten minutes prior to exposing skin to the sun; repeat after each swim or shower.

2.6 fl.oz.



Aftersun Moisturizing Milk

The active ingredients Aloe and St. John's Wort provide a refreshing, soothing and calming effect to redness, which comes from overexposure to the sun. These two plant extracts are absorbed rapidly by the skin thanks to the creamy texture of the milk and its composition which is particularly congenial to the skin tissue. Thus skin softened, moisturized, and left, without a trace of greasiness.

5.3 fl.oz.



 Farmacia SS. Annunziata since 1561

In 1561 the chemist Domenico di Vincenzo di Domenico Brunetti was the first manager of the Santissima Annunziata Pharmacy about whom we have information. (A.S.F. – Decima Granducale 3784 cc. 110v. – 111r A.S.F. – Arte dei Medici e Speziali, 12, c.123v.).Since that time the Farmacia Santissima Annunziata has always mantained, apart from the usual prestige typical of every pharmacy at that age, a special tradition in preparing galenic prescriptions and products for hygiene and the beauty of the skin. We have graduated, from ancient processes completely handmade, with pestle and mortar, to special quality controlled preparations made with modern and safe machinery, giving special attention to high standards and throughly researching our prescriptions which are made both with traditional and new raw products.Our ancient tradition has been mantained and the standards of our products have become, if possible, better and safer.
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