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Weekend a Firenze srl



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Box containing a mix of excellent leavened goods of our own production including our own
"Pan" that is a modern take on the traditional panettone cake of 300gr.

 n°1 Pistachio Panettone: Panettone naturally leavened and worked by hand following the traditional Sicilian confectionery recipe. Stuffed with drops of pistachio chocolate and covered with an exquisite glaze and enriched with whole shelled pistachios. It contains,also, No. 1 squeezer with creamy pistachio spread.

 n°1 Pan Mandorlato: A modern take on the traditional Panettone in the 300gr size. Stuffed inside with cream of almond and externally frosted and covered with whole almonds.

 No. 1 Pistachio Pan: Revisiting the traditional Panettone in a modern key in the 300gr format. Stuffed inside with pistachio cream and externally frosted and covered with shelled pistachios.

 No. 1 Pan Cioccolato: Revisiting in a modern key the traditional Panettone traditional in the 300gr size. Stuffed inside with hazelnut cream and externally frosted with dark chocolate and chopped hazelnuts.

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